For all you Andy Reid fans

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Him and Mcnabb have to go .

Him and Mcnabb have to go . In 09 our coach will be Russ Grim and he will work in a real running game . I hope we lose the rest of our games so it doesnt give lurie any excuse on bring these two back . It was nice but the ride is OVER
Reid is so arrogant he thinks we dont need a power back and a full back while the rest of the league are succeding with that style ..

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oh man, russ grimm? the guy

oh man, russ grimm? the guy who after losing out on the steelers coaching job two years ago watched four teams pass him over in for 2008, including three guys that were basically left field picks (smith, harbaugh, and zorn)? eagles fans will get what they deserve if thats who they are backing.

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He was the #1 Coaching

He was the #1 Coaching canidate then and he is still now ... The only person above him is not considering coaching next year is cowhard .... the skins got lucky with zorn everyone was saying WHAT THE F with his selection ...

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the skins got lucky and the

the skins got lucky
and the ravens got lucky
and the dolphins got lucky
and the falcons got lucky

i'm sure they are all _real_ upset they didn't hire grimm.
but hey, i guess you could hope that what is happening to wisenhunt and grimm in the NFC west happens to the NFC east. the other three teams in the division could completely fall apart leaving the eagles to win by default.

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Ried showed himself as a no

Ried showed himself as a no class guy by using some underling to bench his quarterback.