Hello Gov'nah!

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Hey All - I've been hanging in here for a year or so and realized I've never introduced myself.

I'm 27. regular old dude. Love beer and recreation and music - all together when possible.

My dog Maggie is rad - mutt that looks like a Pit somewhat, brown brindle with white patches. Anyway, we'll be here for a long time so maybe we'll see ya around.

Thanks for this board - I have definitely learned a lot, and laughed a lot as well.

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Welcome!! Kippers for


Kippers for breakfast, Aunt Helga? Is it St. Swithun's Day already?

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Well you picked a hood with

Well you picked a hood with lots of dogs beer recreation music in abundance... welcome.... if you ever encounter me and my dogs while out and about they are not trying to eat you I promise they are just aggressively friendly!