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I don't know why I"m just now thinking to write about this, but for those of you who have regular trash pick-up on Thursdsays, who's regular recycling pick-up would have then been last Thursday. did your recycling get picked up? I was putting it out last Wednesday night just at the same time my next door neighbor was putting out his, when a thought suddenly popped into my head that it was a holiday. therefore pick-up would be delayed a day, not until Friday. we both shrugged and decided to leave our trash and recyclables out on the curb anyway. we live on a small street.

well Friday came. trash was eventually picked up. but still no recycling. but weekends end I started noticing that a lot of people finally were giving in and started bringing their recyclables inside. I did the same come Sunday night.

it was especially annoying because it was a very wet weekend and now I have all this gross wet cardboard sitting in my basement for another week.

did anyone else experience a lack of recycling pick-up last week and know of a reason for this? also, is there somewhere to go to drop off your recycling materials yourself? I know my old neighborhood had a drop-off center at 50th and Baltimore every 1st and 3rd Saturday. I think there's one in front of a church on the same days at 22nd and Spruce. is there something like that in Fishtown area?

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I think you live in my

I think you live in my neighborhood...on the same block as Teener, right? I live right around the corner and our recycling got picked up. But can I ask one favor? Pleeeeeeeease don't leave your garbage out for that extra day, if you realize that garbage pickup is actually a day later. The cats, or possums, or racoons can get into it, which makes a, it's just kinda gross lookin'. Sorry to be a meanie!

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you can drop off any trash

you can drop off any trash and recycling up on Deleware Ave in Bridesburg just before the Betsy Ross Bridge. There is a sanitation collection center there. I think it is at the intersection of Butler St.

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lauraska wrote:The cats, or

lauraska wrote:

The cats, or possums, or racoons can get into it

not to mention Amish kids!

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dan wrote:not to mention

dan wrote:

not to mention Amish kids!

I hate it when they do that. Even worse when they do their traditional 'Dutch Rubbish Dance' with that crap. Do NOT leave your trash out, folks.