Scholarships for young females in 9-12

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Passed along verbatim by my friends at the 26th PDAC:


Young ladies living in Philadelphia, in grades 9-12, from a single
parent home.
The Ellis Trust still has a large pot of money to spend on young ladies
in grades 9 - 12. They can give up to $6,500 per student, per year
towards educational assistance.

They give money for:
* special school supplies such as graphing calculators, lab equipment,
books, etc.
* tutoring (must be recommended by counselor)
* college visits- group and individual
* sports equipment and team participation fees
* music, dance, theater and art lessons
* college courses
* after-school programs
* $100 toward senior dues
* college application fees
* ACT/SAT's and transcript fees
* CSS Profile for financial aid
* TOEFL and transcript fees

This is also a great opportunity for young ladies who may have wanted to
participate in a summer program, but didn't have the funds to do it. If
you know of anyone who may be interested please help them complete the
application at:

Despite 'Public School' being splashed all over the place, they also provide for those going to tuition based schools.

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Thanks! This is great

Thanks! This is great information.