Question for working moms

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I'm sure there are many folks who run in-home daycares in Fishtown. I'm sort of planning and thinking about how the hubs and I could afford babies. Does anyone know of a resource to contact these in-home daycares and how much people typically charge?

Thanks in advance all!

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Ooooooo...I wanna know, too!

Ooooooo...I wanna know, too!

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You just have to figure out

You just have to figure out what neighborhood mom you would want to trust your kids with.
Many at homes are not certified, etc.

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codergrrl wrote:You just

codergrrl wrote:

You just have to figure out what neighborhood mom you would want to trust your kids with.
Many at homes are not certified, etc.

Yeah that!
I went back and forth about in-home daycares. I did NOT feel comfortable with leaving my child with someone who had no certification of any kind. I mean, if I knew the person well, it would have been a different story. I am new to the neighborhood, so that wasn't my situation.

I ended up going with GECA on Girard, and am very happy with my decision.

Also, I was quoted around $200/week (infant under 1) for most daycares, whether in-home or not. The cheapest I found was $125/week, but I think that is really rare.

Also, be sure to ask how many babies/kids they keep. Personally, more than 4 infants per caregiver is too much. IMO.

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GECA is a wonderful place,

GECA is a wonderful place, with great people working there.
If they have a spot, and you can afford it, I'd highly recommend it.

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I would echo everyones

I would echo everyones endorsement of GECA on Girard . We are very happy with the facility and its employees . As far as home care I would only consider it if the caregiver was a very close friend and only taking care of my kids and theirs and I would still be very apprehensive about what would happen if something went wrong .
I don't know if GECA has any openings but if they do check them out .

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GECA is great ! My son has

GECA is great ! My son has grown so much since he started going there everyday .. More interaction with kids brought out his personality over the last 6 months ( he is going on 17 months )

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Do any of you guys mind

Do any of you guys mind telling us how much GECA costs? My hubby and I are also crunching the numbers to figure out if a kid is feasible, right now. (Okay, well I'M crunching the numbers and the hubby is just telling me it's not do-able right now...heh.)

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GECA charges $185/week for

GECA charges $185/week for infants. The price goes down as they get older. The state allows more kids per caregiver as the kids age.

Not sure they have openings right now, but I would put a deposit down as soon as you know you're pregnant. Especially if you plan on only taking 3 months maternity leave. I signed up at 4 months pregnant.

There are not many places anywhere that accept babies under 1 year.

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Another reason I went with

Another reason I went with an established daycare: I have heard horror stories of sitters/nannies who just bail on you completely with no notice, or need lots of time off, etc.

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Thanks for all your input!!

Thanks for all your input!! Super helpful.

Now, what does GECA stand for, and what's their number?

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Girard Early Childhood

Girard Early Childhood Academy
18 W. Girard Ave., Philadelphia, PA, 19123
(215) 634-4333
Contact Person: Stacy Nikolopoulos, Director

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I'm looking for a day care

I'm looking for a day care now for my 21 month old son. Stacy at GECA said they were all full in that age range until about March. I was wondering if anyone had any other ideas? I know there is Paradise Island Day Care in Northern Liberties. Anybody know anything about that place?

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I have really liked Norris

I have really liked Norris Square Children's Center, on Mascher STreet between Norris and Diamond. The staff has a very low turn over rate, and they have the highest number of Stars in the state ranking system. They also are bilingual in English and Spanish, and have 3 hot meals a day....

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Hopefully our local daycares

Hopefully our local daycares don't join the national trend of growing vacancies as working moms and working dads are forced to become SAHM/SAHD's.

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Send a PM to Teri

Send a PM to Teri (citidove), she runs the Neighborhood Parenting Program and I'm sure that she has a ton of contacts for you.