The View From the 700 Level

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Shorter than usual, but not as sweet, folks.

We deserved to lose this game.

Our season is over.

And the kicker...

Just when I thought the combination of arrogance and incompetence could not get stronger with the Philadelphia Eagles, out comes a bombshell; Our quarterback, Donovan McNabb, did not know that the NFL plays only one quarter of sudden death, in the event of a tie at the end of regulation.

I'm stunned. I'm flabbergasted. This rule is not buried deep in some arcane section of the book, where they talk about the regulated size of chin straps. This rule is as basic as knowing that you get 3 points for a field goal. Yet, our quarterback didn't know it, nor did several other players on the team.

One would hope that if Donovan had known the rule, and therefore knew the sense of urgency before him, he would have been in more of a hurry to score. But, you know what? The Andy Reid/Donovan McNabb era has been defined by arrogant complacency, so why should we be surprised? Remember Super Bowl XXXIX?

This game was the worst I've seen the Eagles play in a long time. It was the worst game that I've ever seen Donovan play. He's been in the league 10 years and he played like a rookie today against one of the worst teams in the league.

The Reid-McNabb Era must come to an end.

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If calls for the heads of

If calls for the heads of Reid and McNabb were loud before, they're going to be deafening now. That was pitiful.

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While I never believed

While I never believed Reid/McNabb to be arrogant, I do agree that a change is due. A tie to the 1-8 Bengals is unacceptable.

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Just hope that everyone

Just hope that everyone remembers that they were 5-8 last year before winning 3 meaningless games. And the only time they made the playoffs in the last couple of years was with Jeff Garcia at QB. It's time for a change. Yes we can (fire the head coach)!

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How can you not know the OT

How can you not know the OT rule?????
How can you give up on a team, with 1:40 left, and just give the ball back to the Bengals?
How can you throw the ball 58 times?
Use the run...Establish the run.....
Stick a fork in them, they are done.

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I'm not going to defend Reid

I'm not going to defend Reid or McNabb (who was obviously abysmal yesterday) but I honestly never thought this team was really all that great to begin with. It's not a case of a couple of people "holding them back," in my opinion, but rather a gradual erosion of the talent level that has left them as a pretty mediocre squad overall. They weren't going to catch the Giants regardless of what happened yesterday. This is a team that needs a pretty serious overhaul before they can contend again.

If I was to predict anything, look for McNabb to be elsewhere next year but Reid will almost assuredly be back (for better or worse).

My Dolphins sure are staging a turnaround, though. Sundays are fun again for this Miami fan and Bill Parcells is God.

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The thing is, they have more

The thing is, they have more offensive weapons than they ever did. Healthy Backfield, more receivers than any team deserves. It comes down to game management and play calling. I know we're all armchair quaterbacks, but there are so many BASIC decisions in the last few weeks which have cost them games. Frustrating to watch.

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The coach was wrong for

The coach was wrong for calling so many passes on such a windy day...
but once they were thrown, over the head, at the feet, or so gosh darn hard that they are almost impossible to catch...that's the QB's fault.
There were people open, there was plenty of time in the pocket...
I will always love the Eagles, I never thought they were all that great, but I never thought, (until now) that they were all that stupid either.

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I hope the Eagles lose the

I hope the Eagles lose the rest of the games ! Because if they JUST miss the playoffs it will give the org an excuse for not making the change . Top ten in O and D and we cant beat the bungles ?? SICKENING
Bring in a new GM and Coach and start the Kolb era in 09

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In related news, McNabb is

In related news, McNabb is on the front page of yahoo for nor knowing that OT can end in a tie. We're a laughing stock.