Looking for a "rehearsal" space

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Im looking for a rehearsal space with high ceiling to have a camera crane practice session. Basically, it's a long stick with weights on the back end and a camera on the front. Are there any bands or dance studios out here that would be interested in being the test subject and receiving a free video?

Heres a pic of the camera crane:

From Gato, Inc.

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We have a high ceilinged gym

We have a high ceilinged gym at my church you could use, but it is not heated (or rather, the cost of heating it would make it prohibitively expensive to rent)

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We have both an auditorium

We have both an auditorium and a sanctuary, each of which would give you somewhat different challenges, experiences. (One has a stage which juts out into the room, the other has a stage which is recessed into the wall.) Plus, it would be kinda cool to have some footage of the band either rehearsing or performing.

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Dan, When does the band


When does the band perform rehearse? Do you have any pics or dimensions?