Fishtown Roofer recommendation

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Can anyone recommend a good roofer in the area? I need the tin roof flashing redone on the back of my house. Thanks!

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I would talk to brooke. She

I would talk to brooke. She does all our recommendations.

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Lol. Non-recommendations.

Lol. Non-recommendations. I am unaware of any good roofers on the planet at this point.

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Nagel roofing ... top notch

Nagel roofing ... top notch roofer .....

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Cause we've never had a

Cause we've never had a thread asking for roofing recommendations. Do a quick search and you'll find 247 threads.

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Cooper Roofing .... They did

Cooper Roofing .... They did my mothers house ..... 215.781.2425 ask for chuck or paul