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Woodmere Art Museum is pleased to announce that Nancy Goldstein, author of Jackie Ormes: The First African American Cartoonist will be presenting a lecture on Jackie Ormes. Afterward she will be available for a book signing. The lecture is open to the public, 2pm, Sunday, Nov. 16.

Woodmere Art Museum

Nov. 16, 2008

Jackie Ormes: The First African American Woman Cartoonist

In the United States at midcentury---a time of few opportunities for women in general and even fewer for African American women---Jackie Ormes (1911-85) blazed a trail as a popular cartoonist. Her smart, outspoken little Patty-Jo, and her intrepid, beautiful Torchy delighted readers of the Pittsburgh Courier, at the time the largest black paper in the country, with fourteen big city editions from coast to coast. Through her characters, Ormes reported to readers on such topics as U.S. foreign policy, the arms race, the HUAC, education, jobs, racism, environmental pollution, abstract art, and the latest fashions, to name a few. Ormes was a member of Chicago's black elite, with a social circle that included the leading political figures and entertainers of the day. Nancy Goldstein’s slide program presents highlights of Jackie Ormes’s life as well as many of her cartoons and comics with reference to their historical context and artistic conventions.

Pamela Birmingham
Robert L. McNeil Jr., Curator of Education
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Thanks, DNA

Thanks, DNA