Phillies World Series "Gramps" strip

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Roger Petersen, cartoonist for the Spirit, got a great response for last week's "Gramps" comic about the Phillie's World Series victory. So much so that he made a limited edition run of signed and numbered prints of the strip. There are only 100 made, and they can be purchased at the offices of the Spirit at Sesquehanna and Gaul. The print is 15" x 6", black and white. Each copy is $10. Here is what it looks like:

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Anybody know where to get a

Anybody know where to get a cheap frame to fit something like this (15x6) close by?

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You can get a standard frame

You can get a standard frame and have an offsize mat. Plus there is plenty of white space around the edges, so you have some play with mat and fame size.

Or you could contact Rebecca at Blue Velvet Framing (2203 E DAUPHIN ST) - (267) 226-8816.

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haha. ...pretty much sums it

haha. ...pretty much sums it up. that last frame is great, so true.

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Bump! Support local

Bump! Support local cartoonists and buy this! It's Friday and I'll use exclamation points if I want!