Dunkin Donuts Question

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Does anyone know if Dunkin' Donuts sells hot chocolate in those big huge box'o'joe containers, like they do with coffee?

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Im sure if you just request

Im sure if you just request Hot Chocolate, rather then Coffee they could oblige

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Sorry, I should have

Sorry, I should have updated. They will do hot chocolate in the coffee boxes, but you have to pay for 10 cups of hot chocolate for each box you get. A little pricey, but worth it!

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There are 2 Albanian women

There are 2 Albanian women who work there are at the Dunkin Donuts on Berks and Girard. They are super cool and really go out of their way to make the customers happy. If you ask them for anything Im sure that they will help you out.

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They say the economy stinks

They say the economy stinks they should see WAWA and Dunkin because they are always packed ...... One ladie carried my stuff out about two months ago when i was using a walker after surgery ... a few people there are ruff around the edges but this albanian chick was super cool

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The Albanian Ladies are

The Albanian Ladies are Indeed a pleasure' The older 1 with the Dark Hair' and Blue eyes' is such a nice person' She always goes out of her way to ask how I am , how is my Son etc.

If all Customer Service Workers had a fraction of their Qualities' I wouldn't be so frustrated =)

Has anyone ever had the WHITE hot chocolate? It taste so much better then the regular hot chocolate' so Yummy =)

I love the Ham and Swiss flatbread too, except when they cook the flatbread too hard. then its yukky

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Thanks for all the help,

Thanks for all the help, everyone. The women at the D&D (I did not really investigate their nationality, so I'm not sure if they were Albanian) were very nice and extremely helpful. The kids at the library rally were REALLY happy to have hot chocolate, so it was a success.