Budget Cuts -- Library Meeting Monday and Fire Dept. Meeting Wednesday

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I received this email today:

Two events are taking place this week that you NEED to attend! We all realize that the City is short on funds, however, the Mayor has chosen our community to suffer more cuts then any other neighborhood in the City. Our Engine 6, our Library and our swimming pools are all targeted. We need to ask questions and we need to hear answers!

Our community is undergoing unprecedented development. Literally hundreds of condos and new homes are being built here. Yet they have chosen to endanger lives by removing the fire engine at Belgrade & Huntingdon. The Engine is what carries the water to the fire!

Our Library is a refuge and great source of learning for our children. It offers many programs, internet access and is utilized by every segment of the Fishtown population. The next closest library is at 6th & Girard, certainly not within walking distance for the children and senior citizens
who love our library.

The two swimming pools in Fishtown Lederer at Fishtown Rec and Cione are both on the chopping block. Those pools not only offer summer fun for the children of our neighborhoods but also employ many young people each summer.

SAVE OUR LIBRARY on Monday, November 10th at 6:30 there will be a rally in front of the Fishtown Library. Our library is used by countless children and adults each week. It is a beautiful building and right in the heart of
our community. Come out and show your support for the Fishtown Library.

On Wednesday elected officials and representatives of the Philadelphia Fire Dept will address the community at Holy Name Church Hall at 7PM. You need to be there! You need to get answers. Fire only takes minutes to spread. Will your family and home be safe this winter? We need to know why our neighborhood is losing so much. We need to know how we can stop these cuts.

Please come out this week and show the City that these cuts are not acceptable and we would like answers!

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Hey All, I just contacted

Hey All,

I just contacted My Fox Philly's hotline and told them about our rally. 1-800-220-6397 Believe it or not an actual human answers the phone. I also contacted NBC 10 through an online message. I just think the more attention we can draw to this situation the better. Just thought if more of us gave a call we could really draw some attention to this issue and hopefully be able to influence Nutter and show people how unjust all these cuts are.