Growing up in fishtown 1971-1998

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Ok where do I start? Forgive any spelling errors. Guess I will start with Jays pedal power bike shop on girard ave. loved freestyle riding around fishtown with my friends riding at the REC and down snake road thats between richmond street and the river we had a great time back there as kids fishtown was so great before all the development started to think we played football on york street at night or running around playing FREEDOM or swinging at the ropes under 95 playing football at the fields near 95 and york street across from DERKAS autoshop who can forget the many warehouse fires nothing like GOING TO A FIRE! when every i get back in fishtown i always notice that the lot at york and almond has cars parked on it this never happened when i was a kid that was our playground games of baseball football kickball basketball into a milk crate or jumping ramps on our bikes thats what NORRS aka FORMAN SIGHS lot was for can't leave out the PIZZA truck that used to come down the street in the summer night sneaking into ST. ANNS pool at night

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Welcome! Thanks for the


Thanks for the memories.

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matt welcome. I have many of

matt welcome. I have many of the same memories as you. If you weren't talking about your childhood I would think your talking about my mine.

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Freedom on dakota street and

Freedom on dakota street and you and shannon having a door to door ART CONTEST ???? LOL

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Hetzels playground was the

Hetzels playground was the place when i was growing up. God that cinder softball field sure did hurt. We played Basketball at the settlement house playground. The boy scouts I remember I use to go to was company 331 across the street from the brotherhood mission. And yes the fires. If we had to run ten blocks we would just to see a fire. The things that entertained us back then.

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"All in for a game of

"All in for a game of Freedom!"

We actually would walk up and down the block screaming that at the top of our lungs, until enough people showed up to play.

We also played knife games, like "Territory" and "Chew the Peg".