Kids! What does Fishtown offer?

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I am doing some research for my class that I am taking at West Chester. I am a Grad student in their early childhood program and we are focusing on Fishtown and what the community offers to children (especially young children, Birth to age 8). I was hoping someone could give me a little insight to programs offered int he community and people I could talk to in the community. Thank!!

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Beisdes sports i really dont

Beisdes sports i really dont think there is much going on !!! Iknow of no after school programs for kids ... Hey my son and his 2 sisters goes to GECA .... he loves it there ... i still havent been inside yet recovering from surgies ....
Talk TO A.J THompson i think he would be ther best person to talk to ...

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There is a LOT going on for

There is a LOT going on for little ones!

Check out portside art center! (Talk to Kim Creighton)
Check out the Neighborhood Parenting Program playgroups! (Talk to Teri Ramsay)
Check out the Familiy Theater Series at the Walking Fish Theatre! (Talk to Michelle Pauls)

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Who is AJ Thompson? Is he

Who is AJ Thompson? Is he on this sight often?

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I have talked to Terri in

I have talked to Terri in the past, I actually met her a few weeks ago. I will get in touch with Michelle and Kim, thank you!!

Besides being a student at West Chester, I am also a local resident, so I was able to talk my group into focusing on Fishtown, as opposed to other areas of the city. I just think it is such an interesting neighborhood and I am looking forward to finding out more about what it offers children and be able to share that with other families I am involved with in the area.

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Serveral of the churches

Serveral of the churches offer youth & children's programs.
(you could talk to Maggie or me about two of them)

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My son (5) is playing in

My son (5) is playing in Phila Recreation Dept. Soccer league and was in Cione's summer camp . Thinking about enrolling him Walking Fish theatre's family theatre series which introduces children to theatre/acting/stage production. While not in fishtown Fleischer Art memorial offers lots of free and nearly free classes for kids teaching arts and crafts . In general there is alot to do with the young ones .

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Both Fishtown Rec & Shissler

Both Fishtown Rec & Shissler Rec offer after school programs. Shissler also has a dance class and a soccer program (that is already in progress). The Fishtown AC (office at Shissler Rec) offers soccer, baseball, tee ball, basketball. Both playgrounds offer summer day camp programs. The Fishtown Library routinely has programs for kids and special presentations for kids.

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GECAcademy wrote:Kids! What

GECAcademy wrote:

Kids! What does Fishtown offer?

What kinda kid you lookin' for? We gots all kinds.

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Basically what the project

Basically what the project is about is finding programs within Fishtown for children infants to about age 8. We are looking for what the community assets are which are aavailable to the families. We have been to the library, walked aroung the Fishtown rec, we will be visiting Adaire and I am just trying to get a feel for what the residents and families of Fishtown consider the assets of their community and what is most important to their families and children.

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Cione Playground has an

Cione Playground has an afterschool program (Lehigh & Aramingo), along with tumbling and other classes.

Popsplayground has a lot of spring/summer activities for kids and is growing constantly - checkout their website at