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Fishtown lost a GREAT guy yesterday with the passing of Rich Recentio. The guy had a GREAT heart and love for kids. You would always see Rich walking the streets of Fishtown with a softball in his hands or walking with his Dad. Rich was best known for his love of coaching young kids whether is was softball, basketball or soccer - whatever sport it was he was either coaching or helping. He was currently volunteering his time coaching the St. Laurentius CYO soccer team. Not too many people around now a days like Rich, never had any kids playing sports but was always out there giving his time for the kids and when Rich seen that a kid couldn't play organized sports because they couldnt afford the registration cost - he NEVER hesitated to take the money out of his own pocket to pay for them.

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RIP, Rich. Thanks for the

RIP, Rich.

Thanks for the salt-of-the-earth kind of stuff you did.

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Rich will definitely be

Rich will definitely be missed. He will especially be missed by all of the kids of Fishtown that he coached, including my daughter. When I told her yesterday that Rich died, she sat there and just stared at me like she couldn't believe it and then she just broke down and cried. It was very hard telling my 9 year old daughter that her softball coach had died. She asked me, who will be my softball coach now? I just started crying at that point. After hearing of Rich's death, my husband and I went around to his house - we just felt we had to be there - when we got there it seemed like a lot of the parents had the same idea, they just had to be there also and we all cried together and were in shock. It truly is a sad day in Fishtown.

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What a tremendous loss to

What a tremendous loss to the neighborhood. I wish I had known him. RIP Rich.

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Rish was a great guy. There

Rish was a great guy. There are going to be a lot of young Fishtowners devastated by this loss.

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My daughter is 15 years old,

My daughter is 15 years old, Rich was her 1st soccer coach. He was a great person, and would do anything for the youth of the neighborhood. One year he sponsored 10+ basketball teams in the Freddy so everyone could play in the Freddy. RIP RICH

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Wow, this really stinks.

Wow, this really stinks. Rich had been coaching my 9 yr old daughter on St Laurentius CYO soccer too. She was never the greatest player but seemed to be showing a lot of improvement since Rich started coaching her this year. His positive attitude and the encouragement he always gave to the kids was just great... He was definitely one of the good guys; too sad.

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Rich was a great guy , a

Rich was a great guy , a great lost to the neighborhood . The kids were his life .... You dont get many people like him ...... He was the new generations "hooker" another great man who left us too early .... I know alot of people are new to Fishtown on the board and didnt get a chance rich or hooker but all they wanted to do was teach kids about sports and life .... A day doesnt go by that i dont think of reading wrestling mags in hookers apt ... A.J knows what im talking about ..... great men .... we need more guys like them ....

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Rich was a great example of

Rich was a great example of the generosity of this community, not just in monetary terms, but generosity of time and effort.
It's easy to write a check, but to go out there and coach kids each week on your own time is the highest level of charity.
Remember, our most precious possession is time. Rich used his to help a lot of us in the neighborhood. He may not have coached your child, but all of us in Fishtown are better because of him.
He will be sadly missed, but always remembered.

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I'm shocked i seen him on

I'm shocked i seen him on aramingo near the thriftway about a week or so ago. He wasn't that old which makes it more shocking. He always had his hat and his trademark chuck taylors on. RIP Rich

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Rich: with his baseball cap,

Rich: with his baseball cap, shorts, chuck taylors, and that unmistakeable walk - almost like a skip. Energetic, dedicated, humble, generous. My heart is broken at the news of his passing.

Kids know that, as parents, we're supposed to encourage them and be proud of them - but when that pride and encouragement comes from someone outside of the family - as it did from Coach Rich to my daughter (see Larry 99's post)- it seems to go really far. After lots of frustrating soccer experiences, her face glowed (and her confidence grew) when he praised and encouraged her. What greater gift to a child is there?

The best way to honor him is to pick up where he left off...helping the kids of Fishtown, believing in them, bringing out the best in them. Thank you, Rich, for all that you did for our kids, and for the unique way that you did it.

While he never focused on the scoreboard: Fishtown's sad loss surely puts heaven ahead by one.

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Condolescences to his

Condolescences to his family. RIP Rich.