Looking for local Mailbox Rental...

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So I am a salesperson who regular gets 15 lb boxes shipped to my house, not to mention my affinity for amazon.com.

My gracious neighbors have been accepting boxes from FedEx and UPS for me for quite some time, but I can't continue to put this burden on them. (Also, I am running out of things to cook them as a thank you)

Does anyone know of anyplace in Fishtown that does mailbox rental? PO Box is not an option, UPS/FedEx have to be able to deliver.

I'm fairly sure Northern Liberties Mailbox Store will do this for me...but I'd like to keep it a bit closer if possible. I have scoured the yellow pages, maybe I have missed something?

....dog poop. sorry, had to throw that in, couldn't resist. it all comes back to that anyway.

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Check your pms

Check your pms