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Any thoughts?

1) Disgraceful

2) Pet Food Poisoning???

The Tank wont even go there, just 3 words to say.... GIMME A BREAK!!!!

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Yeah, I think it's

Yeah, I think it's disgraceful.
We need tort reform so badly, it's not funny.

There is a tough balance...
I see the need for victims to be able to get fair and reasonable compensation.
But I don't see the need for so many of the frivolous lawsuits out there,
nor for settlements earning counsel millions or billions of dollars.

We also need a change of thought from a get rich quick lawsuit mentality.

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I'm diabetic and have a had

I'm diabetic and have a had a few incidents where because of that I have been asked to participate in a few class action lawsuits. One was against the city of Philadelphia because of something that occured where the rescue squad didn't take proper precautions even though I was wearing a med alert necklace that Identified what medications I was on. Aparently this happened to a few others. I could have sued on my own but I didn't because I didn't feel there wasn't any malice in the event. No serious harm came of it. It was a mistake and thats that. I have also been asked to join because Of problems that others have had while taking the same meds as me. I again refused. If I felt I was truly harmed in any way i would pursue something on my own but thats the only way. The only one that makes money in these case is the lawyers. People are lawsuit crazy and I find that sickening. It's the new lottery.

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I saw that the other day

I saw that the other day too, and all I could think was that it's just a really sad commentary on our society.

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My father died of a hospital

My father died of a hospital borne infection after having been admitted for a serious but simple and totally unrelated injury. It was very difficult to gather the information about what had happened to him in the first place, and then to try to relate it to lawyers who might be able and willing to bring a suit against the hospital and staff physicians. In a way, I can see where something like this could save a lot of wear and tear on your head in that process. It's too bad they had to give the web site such a stupid name though.

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Every time I see that

Every time I see that billboard, I think of Sol Rosenberg from the Jerky Boys saying, "Sue Everybody!"

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Jeffro wrote:Every time I

Jeffro wrote:

Every time I see that billboard, I think of Sol Rosenberg from the Jerky Boys saying, "Sue Everybody!"

The Jerky Boys are a riot. I think it's hilarious that they have a character named, "Frank Rizzo".

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It should not be difficult

It should not be difficult to gather such information.
If you have a lawyer, you simply sign releases and the lawyer will submit it to the hospital, and receive a copy of the medical record. (The lawyer would be responsible for the fee.
If you don't have a lawyer, you may go to the Medical Record department of whatever hospital, and sign releases, and get copies of the medical record. It may take a few days until they are copied, as they are constantly being requested by other sources as well. There is a per page fee attached, (the fee is higher for lawyers, than regular walk-in people, and if your doctor requests your records, they should (by law) send them to a physician without charge).
The trick is trying to decipher what the chart actually says.