Posting my "hello" again

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Hi! I signed up yesterday before the board lost information and my post and new user name were deleted. I thought I would introduce myself again.

I'm Jess...moving to Philadelphia (most likely Fishtown) in December to study Anthropology and Psychology at Temple. I am into yoga, photography, and my 3 cats.

I look forward to getting lots of great info from this forum as I make the adjustment to life in Fishtown! :)

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Welcome again Jess :)

Welcome again Jess :)

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Posting my WELCOME again too!

Posting my WELCOME again too!

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welcome to the board and

welcome to the board and fishtown. where are you moving from?

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JessK, meet Qbert. Qbert,

JessK, meet Qbert. Qbert, meet JessK and Jess's 3 cats.

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Hello, again, naturally.

Hello, again, naturally.

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Hello, I think you


I think you mentioned in your original post that you're from Pittsburgh. I'm from the Pittsburgh area as well (but in West Virgina...hey we all say "pop.")

Anyway apparently there's a Pittsburgh native happy our at the Memphis Tap room the first Friday of every month! Good Pittsburgh beers, good Pittsburgh people apparently.

If you're feeling home sick when you get here you should give it a whirl!

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Dan the deleting of her

Dan the deleting of her first post to get her to go away didn't work. This one will be a tough one. We'll have to try something else.... Just joking!... Hi!