Spider Plants (and wheatgrass ?)

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Hi...Anyone know where I can find spider plants in stock?!
No one has them in stock that I can find.

Or if anyone has any cuttings I could maybe start from that but I'm not sure if my cats would eat the plant first so I wanted to give the plant a head start. :P The dear kitties like to chew on plants and I can't keep wheatgrass in the house long enough to deter them, I fear. (If anyone has a local source for wheatgrass, other than petco, I would love to know that too.)


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No idea on spider plants but

No idea on spider plants but I saw wheatgrass (the plant, not the liquid extraction) for sale just this past evening at Whole Foods on South Street.

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What happened to the other

What happened to the other posts in this thread? Posters got too passionate with their spider plant posts??

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There appears to have been

There appears to have been some problem with the website overnight.

I was getting nothing but error messages this morning. I had to reinstall the forum software and rebuild the databases. Some posts may have been lost.