Yo! We're Looking for you!

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Hey, we’re looking for you, Pat Ferris and Lisa Lindstrom!

In anticipation of next weeks special 30th Anniversary issue, the Star is looking for two special ladies, Pat Ferris and Lisa Lindstrom. At the youthful age of 17, these girls were lucky enough to appear on the cover the very first issue of the Star. If you know where they are, tell them to give us a call. Pat and Lisa, if you’re reading this — call us! Tune in next week for a very special issue looking at our 30 years of serving the neighborhood. And, yes, we are still taking stories about the neighborhood for anyone who wants to share.
Brian Rademaekers
(215) 354 3039

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I miss the "Old" star,

I miss the "Old" star, however, Matt Petaccio always gets my Last Minute "Breezes" in there!

Why dontcha's just come back to Fishtown' ?

The Wonderful Johnny Green's Mom/Aunt Net

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I miss the Penn Treaty

I miss the Penn Treaty Gazette. Now that was fine reading.