Cute moment at Fishtown Deli today

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I was grabbing a sandwich at lunchtime today and was observing a young couple (maybe 20 years old). The couple was in there with their THREE kids, all under 4 years old, loading up on the usual soda, chips, donuts, and cookies. The father lifted the oldest kid up on the counter to enter his pin# for his access card (very sweet) and then the father ordered two packs of Newports. The cashier explained to him that he couldn't use the card for Newports and the guy looked confused. The kid then yelled to daddy, "Daddy, you can't use the food stamps for cigarettes or beer!" Smart kid. It's the little subtleties like this I love to see!!!

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is that the aging process?

is that the aging process?

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ah I Get it Dan! TROLLING!

ah I Get it Dan! TROLLING! hehe takes me a minute.