First Time home buyers? Grants? Info? Resources? HELP

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Anyone know any good resources for first time home buyers?? Grants, loans? Any organizations that help you figure it out.

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NKCDC Housing Counseling:

NKCDC Housing Counseling: VERY HELPFUL!!!! They can walk you through the process, help you get your paperwork in order, and give you info about grants/loans etc.

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Maggie's referral seems like

Maggie's referral seems like a better place to start, but fwiw, here's a link to the Federal Housing Admin (FHA):,1827439&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL

Look especially at the first 2 links in the right hand column under "Business Tools": Mortgage Calculator and Lender Locator.

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You could also check with

You could also check with HACA, they did a couple of "First Time Homebuyer's Seminars" at the Kensington Library last spring, they also know about the First Front Door Program, a grant program. This is the number on the flyer: 215-667-8932.