Dallin Aerial Surveys

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If anyone is interested this site, http://digital.hagley.org/cdm4/index_p268001uw.php?CISOROOT=/p268001uw has hundreds upon hundreds of aerial photos of Philadelphia, waterfront, and industrial sites from the 20s, 30s, and 40s. The one of the Schmits Brewery is neat, although it is mislabled as 4th and Girard, instead of 2nd and Girard.

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cool site. I'll have to

cool site. I'll have to check it out some more when i have the time.

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Very cool! I really like

Very cool! I really like this one of the B. Franklin Bridge under construction:

Also all the flyover photos of estates--imagine trying to do that today.

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Great site. Thanks for the

Great site. Thanks for the link. Here's a photo of the PECO building:

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For any North Catholic

For any North Catholic Alumni, when you go to the Dallin site, and type in Harbison in search, the Harbison Dairy photo comes up at Erie and Kensigton, you see all of North Catholic, before the newer section was built. Discription says Front and Diamond, which is wrong.