POPS in the Inquirer

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I think this is going to be

I think this is going to be great for that area.

Holla, fishtown.us' own Steven Miller:

"Clayton said the project was born in the spring, when the New Kensington Community Development Corp. approached Steve Miller, who owns Exit Philadelphia, a skateboard shop on Girard Avenue, about turning part of Pop's into something productive for neighborhood skaters."

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whoo hooo! If you would

whoo hooo!

If you would like to donate $ or resources to this fantastic project you can send a check or money order to

Friends of Pop's Playground
2119 East Firth St
Philadelphia PA

Please note "skate park fund" somewhere with your donation.

If you would like more information about this project or to volunteer time or resouces you can email .

Thanks everyone for your support :)

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If anyone would like to help

If anyone would like to help out in the building process feel free to give Exit a call and we can let you know what's going. We have had so many awesome people on the site helping out so far!