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Anyone use those green biodegradable trash bags made from corn starch? Where do you get them? Do you have to order them online or can you pick them up at any stores in the area?


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Don't tease like that, Jes.

Don't tease like that, Jes. I thought this was gonna be something juicy! :)

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but OMG do you not

but OMG do you not appreciate my cutting wit?! :)

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I have never heard of these,

I have never heard of these, Jes. I appreciate your cutting wit.

New Kenzo, is this the galpal speak of which you speak?

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I have heard of them, but

I have heard of them, but have no idea where to get them. I think I've seen them online, though. If all else fails, you could just order 'em off the web.

And I LOVE your cutting wit, Jes. :)

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not to be a debbie downer,

not to be a debbie downer, but the problem with a biodegradable bag is that it won't biodegrate in a landfill which kind of ruins the point. It's probably better in the end using bags made out of a renewable resource such as corn rather than plastics which are predominantly made from petroleum based products. But unless you are leaving your garbage out in the sun and air, the biodegrating process won't work.

can't answer your question though but i had to put in my two cents.

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Thanks for your

Thanks for your input.

While googling around for info on them, I found out that some cities have curbside composting. OMG, can you imagine how awesome that would be? I suppose we're a whole generation away from that, though.

Anyhow it seems that those cities use the cornstarch bags for pickup.