New Houses On Hewson St

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I was walking by Hewson & Cedar St. and I noticed new houses being built. It does not look like there is any parking. I thought all new buildings had to have parking is this not correct?

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Not correct. Parking is

Not correct.

Parking is not mandatory. There are LOTS of new zoning rules.

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I think even the old regs

I think even the old regs specified that it required builders of 4+ homes in a row to have parking...

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I also thought new

I also thought new construction needed off street parking, but there was some loophole, i.e., if its only like 98% new, (old foundation or something like that), you could get grandfathered in.
Anybody know exactly the zoning rule on this one?

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new residential construction

new residential construction of 4 or more units needs to have its own parking. Three units or less it is not required.

They could have also applied for a variance with the community and asked to not have off street parking. At most zoning hearings the community does worry about lack of parking as that is a top priority. But when given the choice of looking at a row of curb cuts and garage doors instead of just losing more spots on the street and having new houses without garages the community has chosen the latter.

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i dont know why people who

i dont know why people who dont live on a block worry so much about other peoples buisness . that is not a code anymore if u think about it. it just takes up more parking anyway