Filled with by proxy pride....

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My husband and I recently became aquainted with Dan of this forum. We went inside Summerfield church with our daughter to SWARMS of youth in complete happiness, and a beautiful church being used to its fullest extent. Then we walked out the front doors into Konrad square where I used to bike in circles as a child, and now my daughter does. We admired the newly vandalized chess boards and thought of bringing paint and checkers with us next time(but were too afraid to try to fix the damage without konrad square consent) Then we just walked and talked about how great it is that this neighborhood and all who are in it (or most atleast) is so involved, its filled with people who care and act and do.... Well, we got inspired. Were a busy little family, but we want to do SOMETHING. So, anyone know of any organizations that need help... volunteer situations... something that needs to be built... I dont know, I am ready to start small and build, but Dustin already wants to become a volunteer handyman for Dan since the church was so gorgeous and active inside!

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that is great!

that is great!

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I've recently decided the

I've recently decided the public library is a great resource to reach out to people in need, in an intellectual way. We have the Gates Lab, a room of a dozen computers, that people can learn and practice using software to help them get jobs, as well as help with their job searches. It is closed way too much because the library has no money to hire people to supervise. We are looking for volunteers. The Kensington Library(which serves East Kenzo and West/North Fishtown)has a meeting room to put on programs for the community. We have a group called the Friends of the Free Library(Fishtown Library also has a group) that really needs volunteers. We recently sponsored a Conflict Resolution Workshop, a New Home Buyer's Seminar and a Neighborhood Resource Fair. We are bringing the Eagles Bookmobile to us on August 5, and we have been awarded a mural by the Mural Arts Project. Our artists are involving the community with workshops starting July 30(2 to 4p). The Mural Arts Program has always worked with graffitee artists and taggers(wannabees or vandals). We could have the ASAP program at the library, anybody can contact them and sponsor them at the library.
I joined this group because I wanted to find a way to get all youngsters off the street and into something productive. We are having trouble reaching people and getting them to come to our programs. Yes, please help! PM me or email . The Friends group usually meet monthly, but are skipping August. I post most events on this website.

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OK ill try the library. Let

OK ill try the library. Let me know the next meeting.

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There's a lot of great

There's a lot of great things happening in the neighborhood, for sure.
And getting involved is always a good thing.

And it really is rockin' and rollin' at Summerfield...
I hope I can keep staying out of the way :)