Asking for donations for kids with "nothing to do"

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Just forwarding this:

There are over 8,000 youth under 18 living in our community, most of them haven't enough to do.

We are running a daycamp and supporting 5 play streets at the moment, as well as working to bring more resources into Scanlon Recreation Center and Ice Rink.

If you could serve as a local collection point, we could arrange pickup of needed items which include:

* Bikes and tricycles in good working condition
* Tennis racquets and balls
* Volleyballs
* Roller Blades
* Ice Skates
* Board Games
* Arts and Craft Supplies
* Clean children's books


Phyllis Martino

Director, Community Development
Impact Services Corporation
1952 E. Allegheny Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19134

Phone: 215-739-1600 Ext 141
Fax: 215-739-3283

On the web at

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Can I just drop off at this

Can I just drop off at this address?