What do you do?

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What do you do when you see a drug sale? Three times within the past week and a half I have seen blatant "drive up" drug deals - and either around the corner from a school, or right in front of a school.

What would you do if you saw this? I am not going to go up and confront the dealer/buyer myself. I did file a report with the PPD...we will see if it gets any attention. I just feel really powerless and upset when I see this..

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Call the cops. Yes

Call the cops. Yes interfering in a drug transaction is a good way to get hurt or even killed. So it's smart to not confront the dealer or buyer. Just keep calling everytime you witness this stuff. The problem is many do not even bother to call or even be concerned when they witness this stuff. This is how things get out of hand in the first place.

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Watch very carefully and

Watch very carefully and note every detail you can...
physical features & dress of dealer, make & license plate of car (if applicable), etc.

Then report it.

That's about it.