The Fishtown.US Music Page!

Welcome to the Fishtown.US music page
featuring music from Fishtown-area artists.

To listen to the music:
In the right-hand column,
* choose the "Listening Station" from the pulldown menu.
* press the play button on the player.

To keep the music playing when you leave this page:
Click on the [popup player] link under the player.

If you are a musician based in the area, please use the "audio" option under "creat content" to upload mp3s of your songs. Please do not violate copyright and please keep things rated PG or better.


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This is way Amazingly

This is way Amazingly impressive!
Super cool DAN!!

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IS there going to be a music

IS there going to be a music link on the forum page or just this thread??

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If you click "browse audio"

If you click "browse audio" at the top of the left column, it will take you to a page which lists all the songs in the database, and which also has the boxes you see on the right of this page. I will probably also put in a direct link to this page too.

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since we cant steal and

since we cant steal and offer for free any old music, I thought I'd offer this link for listening pleasure:

The weakerthans are a great group from Winnapeg and get played a bit on WXPN.

Their music is clever, witty and really good. Smart, which is a rarity.

I saw them in concert a couple weeks ago at the tla and they were as good live as on their cd!
their site is super and has lots of songs and videos on it. Very fun. My favorite song on their site is:
Plea From a Cat Named Virtute from their awesome album: Reconstruction Site.

it's a song written from the singer's cat's point of view.

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Did you see their show at

Did you see their show at the TLA a couple of weeks ago?? I went and it was just amazing. They just looked like they were having so much fun and seemed a bit in awe of the crowd.

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Cool! Dan Thanks a lot man.

Cool! Dan Thanks a lot man.

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I agree for us. Thanks for

I agree for us. Thanks for info Music online
Mp3 online

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I don't know if I am

I don't know if I am supposed to see a player somewhere on this thread..but I don't see one. It is 6:37 in the morning so there is a chance I am still sleeping.

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okay, all fixed!

all fixed!